• Shaun Parker

Spotlight - Lashara

One of our amazing members!

When I was in college undertaking performing arts - I loved it! But as much fun as I had, it didn’t nurture me or give me the confidence to go out and pursue a career in acting. And then Sparks came along. They reignited the “spark” (see what I did there?) and the love I thought I lost for a thing and gave me the platform to really embrace it again! It didn’t matter that I was rusty or that I didn’t have the confidence to be silly in front of an audience - by the end of my first show with them I had sung a duet and even a solo in front of 100’s of people! Something never thought I could do that - and I wouldn’t have if I was still at college, it was only the fact that the community that we have together as sparks productions, that support, that encouragement, that push! And I can’t wait to keep performing year after year with sparks. They encourage people from all walk of life to just have a go. You never know what might happen!


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